Illinois Same-Sex Parenting Agreement Lawyers | Child Custody | Visitation | Parenting Time

Same-sex couples in a civil union, or domestic partnership, may find themselves struggling with the same issues as any couple involved with a divorce ; the need to determine child custody, visitation and parenting time.

At Stewart and Capraro, Attorneys & Counselors at Law , our firm works with members of the gay and lesbian community, as well as domestic partners, dealing with family law issues. We are sensitive to their needs and can fully explain the current laws governing same-sex matters. Our firm is proud to serve GLBT individuals, couples and families, keeping their interests at the heart of the case.

Parenting Agreements

A parenting agreement in a same-sex case is the same type of document that would be created for a heterosexual couple. This document describes decision making (joint or sole), custody arrangements, how much time is spent with each parent, and if there are any limitations on the interactions with either parent.

Created to be as broad or as specific as our clients choose, a parenting agreement typically includes such details as:

  • Medical care
  • Daily schedules
  • Children’s extracurricular activities
  • Holiday schedules
  • Education
  • Religious instruction
  • Food restrictions
  • Instructions on how the parents are to speak of each other

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